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EP. 10 — Talking Nootropics w/ Hussam Hamoush, PharmD, Co-Owner at Stonebriar Pharmacy

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Adam, Samantha, and Michael bring on a special guest,  Hussam Hamoush, PharmD (“H”), Co-Owner at Stonebriar Pharmacy. They dive into topics about the importance of a good pharmacy/pharmacist, medications, nootropics, and supplements’ effects on mental health. We also explore H’s mental health journey as a pharmacy student and pharmacist/pharmacy owner. Listen here

OCD and Depression — How to Combat Both

Having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) can put you at a higher risk for developing other forms of mental illnesses — this includes OCD and depression. The combination can make it feel like your symptoms are endless, and someone who has OCD might present their symptoms a little differently from someone who may only be diagnosed with depression. As we continue to learn, we’re realizing that mental… 

Codeine Addiction — It Crippled Me

Codeine, which is the famous purple syrup that your favorite rap artist sips on, has been around since the wild west. For as long as it has been around, codeine addiction has been a problem that has destroyed countless lives and torn families of those affected by addiction to shreds. The powerful combination of codeine, promethazine, and dextromethorphan all work synergistically together in a way… 

Ep. 9 — God and AA

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Adam and Michael dissect Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), its origin, the 12 steps, and the involvement of God/religion as a part of the process. They chat about some of the issues that can come with including God as part of this program and the challenges that AA can present for people in need of recovery and healing. Listen here.

Treatment For Excoriation (Skin Picking And Hair Pulling)

For those struggling with the disorder, treatment for excoriation can sound impossible to do or hard to find. Below we talk about what this disorder is, how to know if you have it, causes, and treatments. This condition isn’t a dead end — there are always ways to find help and alleviate the pain, both physical and emotional. Like many mental health conditions and illnesses,… 

Struggling with Meaning in Life? Here’s What You Can Do

Struggling with meaning in life? I totally get it. I think most people go through this struggle. The human experience is a beautiful, scary, chaotic, emotional one. We are thrown into this world without always knowing why. While many people may have such a strong purpose in their life — whether that be through their religion/faith, their work, or something else — many of us still struggle… 

The Frontlines of Mental Healthcare w/ Special Guest Jack Lewis

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Samantha, Adam, and Michael chat with Jack Lewis, a student in Northeastern University’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program. Jack has worked as a Recovery Specialist at Northeast Addiction Treatment Center, a Mental Health Specialist at McLean Hospital’s Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Center, and an ABA therapist with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Together they talk about the challenges, barriers, and myths around psychiatric wards, getting… 

13 Side Effects Of Suboxone — Plus My Horrible Personal Experience

The side effects of Suboxone range from not very bad to pretty severe. Unless you are someone who has either been to treatment and/or struggled with opiate addiction, Suboxone is something that you quite possibly have never heard of.  In a nutshell, Suboxone is a drug (buprenorphine, an opioid, and naloxone, a drug that blocks opioid receptors) that is most commonly prescribed for people who… 

Mental Health and Exercise/Nutrition w/ Special Guest Chris Heskett

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Personal trainer, nutrition coach, and friend Chris Heskett dives deep into the science around nutrition and its effects on mental health. We talk about some of the misconceptions around exercise and the fitness industry and simple tools to help boost the benefits of exercising and eating healthy. Listen now Resources: Chris Heskett – @peakwellnesscoaching – –  Breath by James Nestor Comfort Crisis by… 

I Can’t Cope — How Do I Change My Negative Thought Patterns?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I can’t cope with life right now,” or maybe that you can’t cope with life at all, I understand. When we’re struggling mentally or having a difficult time, it’s normal to use a coping mechanism to help adjust to the pain we might be feeling — this is what many people do when they feel like they can’t cope. A…