What Does Detox Feel Like? Spoiler Alert | It’s Not Fun

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  • 8 min read

So, what does detox feel like? I can tell you from (far too much) personal experience that it’s not fun. In fact, depending on the drug you’re detoxing from, it can be horrible. Is that meant to scare you? That’s not my intention. These are just facts. There’s a reason addicts like me avoid detox at all costs. There’s a reason we try so hard… 

Addict Behavior | 31 Signs You’re Dealing With an Addict or Alcoholic

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  • 13 min read

Addict behavior is wide-ranging and can be different for every addict, especially for different types of addictions. Here are a few addict behaviors that can be clear signs of addiction as you regularly see many of them at once: Using drugs or alcohol to solve problems Using drugs or alcohol regularly and excessively (like smoking weed all day long) Physical signs of depressant use (when… 

Heroin Addiction Stories — Jazz and Heroin: My Real-Life Heroin Addiction Story

Heroin addiction stories run the gamut, and I hate to say it this way, but I can tell you that mine is one of the worst you’ll ever read. I can tell y’all one thing for certain: I got introduced to an adult world at a very young age.  The reason for this was because I displayed an uncanny natural ability to mimic jazz pianists… 

Is Alcoholism a Mental Illness? Absolutely

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Alcoholism is absolutely a mental illness, and so is drug addiction. They’re as dangerous as depression, as debilitating as anxiety, and as horrible as OCD. Setting aside for a moment the fact that alcoholism is defined as a mental illness by just about any doctor you’ll talk to (and is also defined that way in medical literature), a simple thought experiment will show us that…