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Safe Ways to Get High | 14 Incredibly Important Things to Consider

Are there safe ways to get high?

All the articles I tried to find on this subject were hilariously bad. Essentially, they would sidestep the issue and talk about ways to get high without drugs.

I’m willing to bet you’re reading this article because you want to know how to get high on drugs safely.

And I’m also willing to bet you’re not just interested in safe ways to get high on marijuana because that’s the only other thing I was able to find on this topic that the Gods of Google were willing to allow on search engines.

Let’s start with the facts.

Are There Safe Ways to Get High? Not If You’re By Yourself

These are the facts — if you’re getting high by yourself (or hell, with a group of friends), you’re not getting high safely.

The only true way to get high safely is under the care of a nurse or a doctor.

Is that possible?


There are places in some cities that have needle exchange services where you can essentially shoot up under the supervision of a nurse (maybe a doctor, I don’t know, I’ve never been to one).

These places do their best to help you get high safely.

For example, they give you sterile needles, they give you supplies to clean yourself before and after you shoot up, and they stand by with naloxone (for heroin addicts) in case you fall out (overdose).

But this is just for people who are getting high by shooting up.

What about everyone else? I rarely shot up, and when I did, I was super careful, but being careful does NOT equal being safe.

I thought about my own experience, and I did some research, and the conclusion I came to is that getting high safely without a doctor really depends on what you’re getting high on and how you’re getting high on it.

Then we have to think about the word “safe” itself.

What do we mean when we say something is a safe way to get high?

There’s No Such Thing as a Truly Safe Way to Get High

I’m going to assume if you’re reading this that you’re an adult and can make your own decisions about using drugs.

And I’m going to say this again — getting high isn’t safe, period.

There are so so many ways it can go wrong, and each drug has different ways that it can go wrong.

This includes legal drugs.

Hell, it even includes the bullshit these other articles talk about — ways of getting high without doing drugs, like running a lot or getting an adrenaline rush.

So let’s not pretend that this article is telling you something you don’t know.

No matter what age you are, as a recovered drug addict who used hard drugs for almost a decade, I can say with certainty that it’s a bad idea to use any drugs whatsoever, even alcohol.

It’s all bad.

It’s much better to be totally abstinent — it’s safer, it’s healthier, and frankly, it’s smarter.


Two reasons.

You Don’t Know What’s In Most Drugs (And Even When You Do, Titration Is Hard)

First, because with just about every drug (with the sole exception of alcohol and pills), you likely don’t know what’s in it.

Sure, you can get drug testing kits, but all those really do is tell you how much of a substance is in a pill like ecstasy or how much coke is actually in the coke you bought.

With illegal drugs, you’re just never going to really know what you’re getting, which means there are really not any safe ways to get high with them.

The second reason is titration — measuring how much you’re going to use.

This is tied in closely with tolerance.

Let’s say you do know how much of a drug is in your drugs (which is totally possible with pills like OxyContin or Xanax).

Even then, you don’t know what a safe amount is for your body.

To know what’s safe, you kinda need a doctor. They’re going to use information like your body weight and your sex to figure out how much to give you, but even then, it’s a rough estimate.

Some people just have bodies that can assimilate drugs better than other people.

Some people need a lot to get high even though they don’t weigh a lot.

I’ve always had that problem — even when I didn’t have a tolerance to a drug, I still needed a lot more than other people with a similar body weight to get high.


Who the fuck knows.

So you’re just guessing. You’re guessing how much you need. Add into this the fact that you don’t even know with most illegal drugs what’s even in them, and yeah, good luck not doing too much.

Tolerance plays a role here too.

If you’ve developed a tolerance to the drug in question, then you have no way of knowing how much you really need to get high.

It’s all guesswork.

This is why heroin addicts die so often of overdoses — it’s really fucking hard to figure out how much heroin you need to get high.

So yeah, there really aren’t safe ways of getting high.

But fuck it, let’s talk about all the different ways of getting high and how “safe” they really are.

All the Different Ways of Getting High

First, let’s talk about all the different ways you can get high:

  • Eating/swallowing
  • Smoking
  • Snorting
  • Intravenous injection (into your veins)
  • Muscle injection
  • Sublingual (putting it under your tongue or in your gums)
  • Transdermal (on your skin)
  • Rectal administration (booty bumping)

I’ve used all of these methods, and I can tell you that each method you use depends a lot on what you’re getting high on.

That being said, you can use almost all these methods with almost every drug except transdermal (crushing up a pill and putting the powder on your skin isn’t going to do shit).

So, which way is the safest way to get high?

If you guessed eating it, you’re the winner.

For some drugs, that is…

Some of the time…

Here’s why.

If There ARE Safe Ways to Get High, It Depends on What the Drug Is, What’s In It, and How You Use It

So much of getting high safely is dependent on so many factors that it’s hard to pinpoint what’s actually safe.

However, there are a few ways that we can say for sure aren’t safe.

Smoking Drugs Is Never a Safe Way to Get High

Of everything on that list, we can definitely say that smoking drugs — any drugs — isn’t safe.

Smoking anything is bad for your lungs, and over time, your lungs are going to take significant damage from smoking.

The longer you do it, the worse it is for you, and the more damage to your lungs.

Smoking drugs is really popular because it gets you high quickly, so a lot of people do it.

It’s also really common.

You don’t really hear about people eating crack, you know?

Crackheads smoke crack — it is known.

But yeah, you can eat it if you want to — I actually looked it up, and there are a number of articles about it because people will eat crack when they get pulled over — and it will get you high just the same way as if you smoked it or snorted it.

Shooting Drugs and Snorting Drugs Aren’t Really Safe Either… And Eating Some Drugs Isn’t Safe Either (Geez, It’s Like There Aren’t Any Safe Ways to Get High)

Shooting drugs can be safe if you’re cleaning yourself with alcohol pads, using clean needles, and shooting up with someone else who can help you if you overdose, but even then you might do too much, the ambulance might not show up in time, and eventually, your veins will collapse.

We know that with marijuana, you can’t really snort it (I guess you could try snorting kief, but I bet it wouldn’t work well).

However, eating marijuana is definitely safer for your body in the long term than smoking it.

That being said, it’s much easier to overdose by eating it because when you smoke it, you can tell with each puff how high you are and if you need more or not.

Same with beer vs shots. If you’re taking a bunch of shots, because it’s so strong, it’s hard to know when you’ve reached your limit, whereas with beer, because it takes longer to get into your system, you pretty much know when you’ve reached the level of drunkenness you’re looking for.

Snorting any drugs can cause serious damage to your nose, and taking them sublingually can cause serious damage to your gums and teeth.

Want to see what someone’s nose looks like who snorted way too much cocaine? Check out this post about what an eating disorder plus cocaine abuse did to this girl.

A lot of people take X by booty bumping it, but who the hell knows what’s in those pills, if there’s even any X in them at all, so titrating it is next to impossible.

You see what I’m getting at here?

There aren’t really any safe ways to get high.

So… Probably Don’t Get High — And If You Do, At Least Get Your Shit Tested and Do It Around People

Now that I’ve thoroughly convinced you not to do drugs and that there are no safe ways to get high, you’re probably thinking that this article is bullshit and that you want some real answers.

So okay, let’s talk about how to get high in a safe-ish way.

  • Don’t fucking shoot up
  • Don’t inject it into your muscles
  • Don’t snort it
  • Definitely don’t smoke it
  • Don’t shove it up your ass
  • Don’t smear it on your gums

What does that leave? Eating it.

And eating it is probably going to fuck up your stomach.

I’m not a doctor, so obviously I don’t know, but I can’t imagine that putting shit like meth or heroin in your stomach is going to be good for it.

Or if you can find a transdermal patch, using that.

Like I said earlier, eating it is probably the safest way to get high.

But I don’t recommend it.

I really don’t.

And if you’re going to insist on getting high, then at least get your drugs tested so that you know what you’re getting.

For example, you can get ecstasy testing kits, though if there are other testing kits for drugs like heroin (which usually has a ton of Fentanyl in it these days), then you should definitely use them.

Just remember kids — there are no safe ways to get high.

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7 months ago

Hey Adam,
Thank you for writing on a subject I’ve been wondering for a long time.
I discover you, your blog by having searched for the subject above. I understand that your whole article revolves around concern about mental health and how you should not incline into most drugs as of all the downsides on many products. That is a very respectable POV given how bad could things turn when you start involving “substances” in your life.

That said, as a quick intro, I’ve always been a recreative user doing different drugs asides alcohol from 30 to 37 then stopped.
I’ve been slightly excessive on mostly 2 products, coke and MDMA. In my views, they were quite easy to control (I thought), expensive enough for musician me at the time to mechanically limit their input/damage in my therefore nights.
I then got myself in therapy for lingering life issues then met a great woman, changed country, got married, turned into a father and I’ve been living a happy life in Scandinavia for the last 11 years.

I am not completely happy with alcohol – as it is the legal drug available at hand – and there is a whole discussion to be had about this too, however – I really enjoy a good glass of wine but would adore to feel something without having to drink half a bootle or more. Direct effects on my intestines, headache, the comedown of it gets in my way so I am building my way out of it looking for alternatives.

Watching out for my life in my troubled years turned me into a quite control minded person ; my wife holds it a good bit against me sometimes as it IS hard for me to shake loose ; she’s right on this point : it is sad as she would like to shake loose with me and us to relax fully.

I am a father of an eight years old, living with a woman I love, having old friends, new friends, a family I adore and a job I am happy with ; we’re foodies, enjoy a healthy balance around exercise and so on. Then comes my full question as it is really not about getting hammered – no – more about shaking loose : how to get there? As a moderate person, you find no guidance into light use of “whatever” drugs or maybe I don’t know how to formulate my search.

There is no two sides in my views, you know : the ones doing drugs, the ones who don’t. Life is such a great array of different shades of everything.

Like so many things in this world, everything is, of course, about balance. So little about it for everyday life : moderate use of drugs as should be everything “involving” : sex, food, coffee, water…

I don’t expect a detailed answer, unless you coud bare with me to do it but it is too often too much of fear mongering, fear fencing, life saving – I get it, there are people to be saved out there – but not enough of enlightened moderation that could elevate things and open playgrounds without throwing you to the gutters.

Last edited 7 months ago by Nico
7 months ago
Reply to  Adam Fout

Thanks for the feedback!


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