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Sober hoodies are in style! Sometimes it’s cold outside and you need something to keep warm. When it’s cold outside you can grab one of these hoodies to venture into the night. Getting sober can be hard. You have to stop hanging out with old people, places, and things. You also have to go to a lot of recovery meetings. 

These hoodies are proof that you can have fun in sobriety. Sometimes people go out to eat after recovery meetings. This is where they eat and enjoy coffee together while telling stories about their lives up to that point. 

Your recovery friends might see you wearing one of your  hoodies and want one themselves, Then you’ll have a group of people around you that all wear these hoodies. There’s a big stigma around alcoholism and addiction. People who struggle with alcoholism and addiction get judged by many people. They are looked down upon.

This makes people in recovery want to stay in their house watching TV all day. When you and your friends come out of the house and wear your sober hoodies you gain confidence. You are telling the world that it is OK to be a person who is sober. Being sober is the cool thing to do these days.  Holidays and birthdays are great occasions for gifting people with sober hoodies.

In high school, many kids get pressured to try drugs and alcohol, this can lead to real trouble in the future. Maybe you’re in high school and kids are trying to pressure you into getting high. Getting high is not cool. You can help you and your classmates by wearing these hoodies. Sober hoodies send a message that you and your friends are not going to succumb to peer pressure. You and your friends are fighting the good fight. Sober hoodies will put you on the path to victory.