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A Poem About Modern Life — We Are Something More and Something Less

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we are something more and something less

This poem encompasses my experience in the white-collar working world.

Of working until your eyes bleed and then working some more.

It is a poem about modern life and the life that came before, of what we have gained and what we have lost, and in it, I wonder if things are better, today, or if they are worse.

I do not find an answer.

“We Are Something More and Something Less” first appeared in Déraciné in Volume I under the title “We Are” — you can read the issue in its entirety here for free.

We Are Something More and Something Less — A Poem About Modern Life


Get to this point in my day

Where my mind goes


Where my thoughts run like


Where everything is


Where my eyes won’t focus, won’t focus, won’t


Focus on the screen

And I hesitate over

The last few words

And my boss

Black tie in his hands


“Push through it.”

“Get the hours.”

“Put a stamp on it and call it a day.”

“If you can.”

If you can …

I wonder if my


Got to this point in their day

Where their iron ran


With the blood of

Holy men

If their thoughts moved like

Melted tallow from the firstlings

And their eyes wouldn’t



Focus on the crushed skulls of the

Monks they’d raped

I wonder if

When the violence was done

And they hesitated over

The last

Begging thrall

If their jarl told them

With entrails in his hands

“Push through it.”

“Throw him into the sea.”

“Put a stamp on it and call it a day.”

“If you can.”

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