My Story “Black Glass” was published in Issue 24 of Pulp Literature

Pulp Literature is one of my favorite Canadian lit mags and does an excellent job of supporting writers from all over the world.

I’m particularly grateful that they chose to publish my story Black Glass. They’ve been extremely supportive and helpful throughout the publication process.

You can read my story Black Glass by purchasing Issue 24 here.

This story was reviewed by R. Graeme Cameron at Amazing Stories, who had this to say about Black Glass:

“Okay, this is the particular sort of concept-driven SF I especially like, the discovery of an alien artifact and the mystery of its hidden purpose. In most such stories the function of the artifact turns out to make perfect sense once its secrets and the alien motivation behind its creation are discovered and understood.

“But what if the underlying concept is literally too alien to be understood? What if all you can discover is the “what” but not the “why?” Dare you risk activating it? What if the consequences are utterly unmindful of your existence, yet impact you regardless of whether you want it to or not? This makes for an extremely interesting, albeit frustrating, story. A pattern of sorts is revealed, but not a clear cut explanation. There is a resolution, but not a solution. We are right to feel humble before a power beyond our ken. I found this story fascinating.”

You can read the entirety of this review here.