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  • EP. 10 — Talking Nootropics w/ Hussam Hamoush, PharmD, Co-Owner at Stonebriar Pharmacy

    Adam, Samantha, and Michael bring on a special guest,  Hussam Hamoush, PharmD (“H”), Co-Owner at Stonebriar Pharmacy. They dive into topics about the importance of a good pharmacy/pharmacist, medications, nootropics, and supplements’ effects on mental health. We also explore H’s mental health journey as a pharmacy student and pharmacist/pharmacy owner. Listen here

  • Ep. 9 — God and AA

    Adam and Michael dissect Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), its origin, the 12 steps, and the involvement of God/religion as a part of the process. They chat about some of the issues that can come with including God as part of this program and the challenges that AA can present for people in need of recovery and […]

  • The Frontlines of Mental Healthcare w/ Special Guest Jack Lewis

    Samantha, Adam, and Michael chat with Jack Lewis, a student in Northeastern University’s Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program. Jack has worked as a Recovery Specialist at Northeast Addiction Treatment Center, a Mental Health Specialist at McLean Hospital’s Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Center, and an ABA therapist with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Together they talk […]

  • Mental Health and Exercise/Nutrition w/ Special Guest Chris Heskett

    Personal trainer, nutrition coach, and friend Chris Heskett dives deep into the science around nutrition and its effects on mental health. We talk about some of the misconceptions around exercise and the fitness industry and simple tools to help boost the benefits of exercising and eating healthy. Listen now Resources: Chris Heskett – @peakwellnesscoaching – […]

  • What Is Alcoholics Anonymous?

    Adam and Michael give Samantha a rundown of what Alcoholics Anonymous is and answer her questions about the program, its pros and cons, and what it’s like to be a sponsor. Listen Now

  • Social Anxiety, Social Media, Culture, and the Pandemic

    Adam and Samantha talk about their personal struggles with social anxiety in various contexts and how the pandemic, social media, and culture play roles in heightening those anxieties. Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple Podcasts

  • How to Find a Good Therapist for Mental Health and/or Addiction

    Adam, Michael, and Samantha discuss what to look for in a good therapist, keeping in mind the barriers many face when trying to access quality health care. They’ll walk through fears and anxieties around therapy and offer perspectives to help listeners overcome them. Listen here

  • Narcissism and Repressed Emotions With Adriana Bucci

    In this week’s episode of The Addiction and Mental Health Podcast, we talked with life coach Adriana Bucci about narcissism and repressed emotions. Listen Now

  • How Treatment Centers Fail Patients

    In this week’s episode of The Addiction and Mental Health Podcast, we discuss the various ways that treatment centers are failing alcoholics/addicts and what they can do better. Listen here.

  • Introducing the Addiction and Mental Health Podcast

    Exciting news today! Together with Michael Palma and Samantha Mineroff, I started the Addiction and Mental Health podcast. We talk about the issues surrounding addiction and mental health, starting with our first episode — the language around mental health. Check it out! Apple Podcasts Spotify Anchor