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Japa Meditation and Mantras | How to Get Started

When it comes to meditation, Japa Meditation is what I turn to again and again. How many times have I gone to a 12 step meeting and heard—or either said myself in some form—“I’m no good at meditation,” or, “I just can’t seem to sit still,” or, “I just don’t know how to meditate.” I am writing this to share my experience with the most… 

The Use of Yoga for Addiction Recovery in Treatment

Many treatment centers are now offering yoga for addiction recovery for their clients, from detox through sober living. This can be a beneficial tool, but it can also backfire if not handled carefully and properly. Unfortunately, the clients are the ones who may suffer. Yoga isn’t just another form of exercise, like going to the gym. Yoga, used therapeutically, can be a valuable tool for… 

Meditation Course | Week 1 of Getting Back Into Meditation

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Second only to step 10, meditation has long been the bane of my program, and though I’ve thought for a long time that I should try a meditation course, I kept putting it off and putting it off. The reason I thought I should try a course is that I’ve never really been able to meditate on my own. I’ve tried just getting quiet and…