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Samantha Mineroff

Samantha Mineroff is a writer, mental health advocate, and aspiring author. In 2018, her paper, “The Rhetoric of Major Depressive Disorder: Performativity and Intra-activity of Emotions in Major Depression” won best seminar paper award at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. At the Poetics And Linguistics Association (PALA) Conference in 2019, she went to The University of Liverpool to present her paper “An Application of Scripts, Schemas, and Negative Accommodation Theory in Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams.” She currently works as a marketing writer for clinical research. She enjoys live jazz, good conversation, and writing letters. You can reach her at sammineroff@gmail.com

13 Reasons Why Review | 13 Reasons Why Not

This article originally appeared on The Quad, the Student News Service of West Chester University. 13 Reasons Why Review | Unrealistic It’s no secret that people have been raving about the new Netflix original series, “13 Reasons Why.” There are countless listicles and articles on social media that both put this show on a pedestal and tear it apart. I’m going to do neither, and…