Author: Samantha Mineroff

  • How to Increase Serotonin and Dopamine Levels

    Serotonin and dopamine are two neurotransmitters that play a critical role in how we feel, and since low levels of serotonin and dopamine can lead to all kinds of issues, I’ve put together a list of how to increase serotonin and dopamine levels naturally. Our brains are made up of a collection of chemicals, and […]

  • Christmas Depression — How to Defeat the Holiday Blues

    The holidays are supposed to be the warmest, happiest time of the year, but for many, Christmas depression is a horrible reality. Every commercial and advertisement project the fantasy that everyone gets together and shares good times with each other. It appears that the holidays are supposed to be a time where we all get […]

  • The Benefits of a Gratitude List — 17 Examples and Why They Work

    In this article, you’ll learn about what gratitude lists are, the benefit of making gratitude lists, and some examples you can use in your own life. A phrase I’ve been seeing tossed around a lot is that you cannot be anxious and grateful at the same time. According to positive psychologists, gratitude is the human […]

  • Symptoms of Autism in Women | 10 to Watch Out for

    While both men and women can have Autism, the symptoms of Autism in women can be profoundly different from those in men. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong developmental disability that appears during early childhood. It can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation. Autism is defined by a certain set of […]

  • Borderline Personality Disorder — 18 Critical Factors to Understand

    Have you ever heard someone describe a person as “borderline?” They’re usually referring to borderline personality disorder Similar to how people say, “that’s depressing” or “you’re acting bipolar,” “borderline” is a term that often gets used colloquially without understanding the heavy weight behind the word. In the ever-important fight against ending the stigma around mental […]

  • What Is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)? | What It Is and How It Works

    Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based subset of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that addresses unwanted thoughts and behaviors, focusing on the development of acceptance and change through a variety of methods, including self-governed emotional regulation and meditation/mindfulness. Dialectical behavioral therapy has grown and expanded to address negative and hindering ways of thinking, learned patterns […]

  • What Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder Is and How It Works

    Rapid cycling bipolar disorder is a pattern of frequent, distinct episodes (manic, hypomanic, depressive, or mixed) in bipolar disorder. This can include four or more episodes over the course of about twelve months and may come and go, depending on the patient’s treatment and course of bipolar. It is not an explicit diagnosis, but rather […]

  • Signs of Bipolar Disorder | 21 Symptoms to Look for

    There are many different signs of bipolar disorder, including signs of a manic episode and signs of a depressive episode. Bipolar disorder, which was previously called manic-depressive illness or manic depression, is a mental disorder that causes abnormal shifts in levels of mood, energy, activity, concentration, and the ability to carry out regular, day-to-day tasks. […]

  • Breaking Codependency | How to Stop Being Codependent

    Breaking codependency can be one of the hardest things that you ever do in your life. Thankfully, there are ways out. Co-dependency is a learned-behavior emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s ability to have healthy, mutually satisfying relationships and can be passed down from one generation to the next. This behavior may lead […]

  • Repressed Emotions | What They Are and How to Deal With Them

    You would be amazed what repressed emotions can do to your body and your mind. When I was a kid, I experienced all kinds of strange stomach problems, ranging from bloating, constipation, to feeling overweight and unhappy. I had gone to multiple doctors and specialists, tried a variety of diets, everything from gluten-free to keto […]