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Lindsey Black

Lindsey Black is a writer, artist, and mental health advocate. As a person in recovery herself, Lindsey gives a unique perspective on addiction, mental health, and is passionate about helping victims of domestic violence. She is a runner, avid reader, and a crossword puzzle enthusiast.

10 Major Relapse Triggers and How to Deal With Them

The things, people, places, experiences, and feelings that remind us of drinking or using (aka relapse triggers) are often unavoidable. Thinking and even dreaming about alcohol and other drugs is a natural part of recovery. Thinking and talking about cravings for alcohol and other drugs can make some people crave them more. Many people don’t even want to talk about relapse because they are scared… 

Is Weed Addictive Like Cigarettes?

Is weed addictive like cigarettes? That’s the million-dollar question ladies and gentlemen.   While the short answer is no, it’s a bit more complicated than that.  Based on current research, it appears that marijuana is slightly less addictive than regular cigarettes. While cigarettes are physically addictive in the short term, marijuana tends to be psychologically addictive in the long term. However, there is a shocking lack…