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Addiction Podcast—Seasons of Sobriety

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I recently appeared on another awesome addiction podcast called Seasons of Sobriety

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Here’s a few notes on the podcast.

Listen to the Addiction Podcast

This episode features Adam F. from the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Adam has been sober since August 11, 2011

In Adam’s story you will learn how he dealt with his stubbornness and delusion.  This is best shown in his description of how he took himself off medication and later found how necessary it was for his success in sobriety.  

He also shares with us how important it is to distinguish between what the medication can do as opposed to what he can do.  In hearing Adam’s story I really enjoyed hearing about some interesting results from working the ninth step. Adam also shares his insight with regard to being in a relationship and marriage to a fellow member of the program.


Book Recommendation from Adam

Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson


Click here if you would like to contact the show.

A special thanks to Sound Devices for donating the MixPre-6 used to record portions of this episode.

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